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January 25, 2005

Superbowl Weekend plans

So, my church is doing this awesome Super Bowl Party in a couple of weekends... And I'd totally be there, except for the fact that I'll be on my way back from Mission U, the Campus Crusade for Christ Northeast Region Winter Conference. So far, it appears that we'll have about 15 students from RIT going to the event which is great.

If you're going to be in town, and you are interested, the information about the Super Bowl Party is in this issue of the Electronic Church Newsletter (scroll down... they're even giving away a free iPod) -- seriously.

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Lightly Nerdy?

Perhaps I'm losing my touch...

I am nerdier than 51% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

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January 19, 2005

Whoops... I'm early.

Well, Campus Crusade is starting up a new bible study here at Roberts Wesleyan College. I thought I'd come out and check out how the first night goes. Unfortunately, I got the time wrong. Apparently this first week, it's at 8:15pm instead of 7:30pm, so I'm keeping myself warm by sitting in the library and blogging.

I did meet another student outside who thought it started at 7:30pm, too. But we were both mistaken. Whoops.

So, I sit here in what appears to be the periodicals area of the library. Look at all of these bound magazines! I didn't realize they still did that. :) At RIT so much stuff goes to microfilm/microfiche or some other kind of electronic database... But well, I guess quite a bit is still bound.

I'm excited about a ministry here at Roberts & I hope that it will take off.

Back at RIT, I'm hoping that our Thursday Night Live meeting goes well... It's a little rag-tag this week because all of our speaker options didn't work out, so we're going to have a conglomeration of praise, discussion, question & answer, upcoming event and leadership team promotions.

Well, I'd better get myself around so that I can be ready for the meeting. Have a good evening!

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January 18, 2005

Okay, here are some more details.

On Monday evening, I asked Lori to marry me. It had been one year that we had been officially dating. We had always said that 17th of each month was our N month anniversary.

It wasn't a complete surprise, because we both new by around mid-February of last year that we were going to get married, but I still had to "make it official" and get an engagement ring and propose. She's been waiting quite a while for this. My intention, at first, was to get back on better financial ground after last year's adjunct teaching deal before buying the ring, but I haven't been making up ground on that as quickly as I thought I would, so after the holidays, I decided I couldn't wait any longer, and as it turned out we were quickly coming up on the 1 year anniversary of our dating, so I thought I'd do it near that date.

As the date approached, I realized that it was also Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and that kids would have the day off from school. Sadly, RIT has classes in normal session, but that's how RIT is, so we couldn't all take the day off and spend it together... But it did work out to get together that evening since Zach (her son's) scout meeting was a shortened review-board type-thingy.

So our plan was to go out and use these Gift Certificates that Lori had gotten some time ago and we were planning to go to Mario's Via Abruzzi (sp?). Unfortunately, when we got there, we found out that they had closed early due to the bad weather. But at least Zach and I had gone inside to check this out which gave me time to hand off the ring to him. (He was in on the plan, you see -- actually, he knew about it since Saturday afternoon)...

So after the discovery that the restaurant was closed, we decided to go somewhere else... and Lori was like "Let's just go home and have pizza by candle-light" or something... And Zach and I were like... "Nah... let's keep trying to go out somewhere."... So we saw that Plum Garden was open. Yay. So we went there for dinner.

After eating (I had a hard time eating... I get that way when I'm kind of anxious), I said to Zach... "You know, Your mom and I have been dating for a whole year now... Isn't that pretty awesome (the code word)?..." So, Zach reaches in his pocket and says "Yeah, so why don't you do something about it?" and puts the ring box down on the table in front of Lori...

Lori's like: "What? Right now?" I'm like "Yup."... So I did the knee thing and I have no idea what exactly I said, but I asked her to marry me and gave her a cut-out red paper that says "Marry Me, Lori? Love, Andy" (This matches a similar red piece of paper that I gave her when I first told her that I loved her that says "Andy Loves Lori"). So she said "Yes".

And that's pretty much the story. She's been having a great time telling everyone about it... Although most people are like "Finally!" But still, now we're off to planning the wedding... We have a tentative date, but we aren't going to announce it until we know if we can get an appropriate location. But we're aiming for sometime in the first half of this year. Don't hold me to it, just yet, though.

As for who knew about it ahead of time... Pretty much only our direct families (I had called her parents on Sunday evening) & Zach. A couple of other people had hints that things were happening soon, but for the most part... Very few people were in the know.

Okay, back to course prep. Did I miss any details? Anything else you want to know?

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Entirely different news:

I'm now officially


More details later.

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January 17, 2005

Okay, one more... I promise, my next post will be entirely different.

Okay, so here's my newest discovery... This site, TechStuff4Free.com is giving you an option to choose from among a variety of referrer levels. What I like about this is that with freePhotoiPods.com I need to find 10 people who would want an iPod photo and then they'd need to believe that they can 10 other people themselves who would actually want an iPod photo, too. That's very hard, if not impossible, to do. I have yet to see a lot of fruit from talking to people about freePhotoiPods.com (although I'm still hopeful)...

However, at this new site, it takes a similarly large number of referrals to get the iPod photo, but you can now refer a friend who just wants, say, a Nintendo GameCube for 3 referrals(!) and now they can sign up without feeling like they'll never be able to get anything themselves. That referral STILL counts toward your "big number of referrals" item.

I bet you could do this. There's lots of good stuff to choose from. The only problem is that I don't have any reports of the legitimacy of this particular company. They "look" like all of the others... The only ones that I completely trust at the moment at Gratis Internet & OfferCentric. This new one is from "TechStuff4Free.com"

But, I just noticed, what else is interesting is that instead of just 10 offers... they currently have 69 offers to choose from!! Surely there's something that a person could find in there, right?

Right? Anyone?

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January 16, 2005

Finally, a really easy-to-get deal. 3 referrals!

Okay, my FreeiPodShuffle.com link is now active in the entry from a few days ago. It's also right here. Please consider this one, it only takes 3 referrals... How easy is that?


UPDATE: as a thank you, here are the referral links for the people who have signed up under me and that I'm able to contact. There's someone from aol who signed up under me, too (barnboy123), but emails to them bounce. So, I still need one more person.

Thanks so far to Scott Austin: http://www.freeipodshuffle.com/?r=14072149
and to Randy Boland: http://www.freeipodshuffle.com/?r=14065052
(please help me finish my referrals first, but when I'm done, I'll take my link down and you can use one of these folks to sign up).

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I'm in print.

You can see me in the picture in this article published in RIT's News & Events newsletter... I just happened to be wearing that RIT sweatshirt... It wasn't a set-up. :)

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January 13, 2005

Okay, both sites have come to be.

Okay, as expected, both sites...

http://www.freeipodshuffle.com/ [link contains my referral id]
(offer requires 3 referrals)


freeminimacs.com [also contains my referral link]
(offer requires 10 referrals)

have started up.

[Old info begging for someone to sign up under has been deleted...]

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January 11, 2005

Demetri's show was excellent.

Although it was late at night, the Demetri Martin show was great. I was able to stay wide awake, although some others with me were having a difficult time making it through. I could have done without the opening act (two guys from here on campus). And the language throughout the night was a little rougher than I would have preferred (most of which was from that opening act), but by comparison to nearly all other comedy shows, this was a pretty clean show.

Very funny material. I've heard quite a few of the jokes before, but many of them had a new take... One of the jokes about sweater vests protecting you from pretty girls was made 10x funnier when Demetri turned to the interpreter and said "sorry, man"... because he just so happened to have on a sweater vest.

That same interpreter works in my Tuesday/Thursday Intro to Multimedia Class, so I talked to him today and said that I enjoyed seeing him on stage with Demetri. (who couldn't stop trying to do funny stuff with the interpreter... not unlike most comedians who perform at RIT). The interpreter said that Demetri was really a nice guy and asked if there was anything 'taboo' or not, etc.

So, a GIANT thumbs-up for Demetri Martin. Exactly my kind of humor. Now, if he would just get his website together a little bit more.

d150_5.jpg (not his website)

One other good link that I hadn't seen before: Demetri Martin's weeklong electronic journal (published in Slate) for a week in May of 2004.

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Update on my free stuff sites.

Well, I'm only 2 referrals away from a free Nintendo DS [this is a referral link]. Any help out there?

I have 4 people signed up, and only 1 completed offer out of 10 needed for a free iPod photo [this is also a referral link]. Something tells me that this will be harder to actually accomplish. But I'm still hopeful.

So, I wonder how soon before someone puts up a site for the new iPod shuffle [links to apple page] that was just announced at MacWorld. It will probably only take like 3 referrals... if they offer the $99 version.

And maybe someone would help me get a free Mac mini [links to apple page] to install at Lori's or my parents?

The relevant domain names are all signed up for already... www.freeipodshuffles.com, www.freemacminis.com, www.freeshuffleipods.com, www.freemacs.com, etc. But I can't tell if they're signed up by Gratis or some other opportunistic folks.

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January 06, 2005

John Reilly Band... If only I were near Philly this weekend.

If I were near Philadelphia this weekend, wild horses wouldn't be able to keep me away from the CD Release Concert of the John Reilly Band this Friday Night. I heard this really talented band at last year's Christmas Conference in DC. I even picked up their leader's Acoustic CD while I was there, but now their coming out with a CD for the whole band, and I will obtain it... One way or another. :)

But, I still couldn't be happier that I'm in Rochester this weekend, so that I can see the Demetri Martin show on Saturday Night! :)

PS: Happy Birthday, Pauley.

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January 04, 2005

Yes! Demitri Martin! I'm so there.

One of my absolute favorite comedians, Demetri Martin, is coming to RIT this weekend!

I mentioned him here way back in March of 2003!

There's info about the show at our College Activities Board website. Specifically, here.

It's only a buck. That's crazy. I'd happily pay a lot more to see this guy. But then again, he isn't all the well known (YET).

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