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February 25, 2005

Just upgraded to newest version of Movable Type

Just upgraded my blog software... But I don't know my way around the new features yet, so if you see anything odd, please let me know. Thanks.

Update: I've decided to go with a new stylesheet for the site that I got from MovableStyle. I don't think it will be a permanent choice, but for now it looks good to me and I'll be going back to grading...

BTW, I'm thinking about turning commenting back on openly for all entries but only if you register to comment with TypeKey. Is this something that you are doing already? If so, would you please post a comment with your typekey account? If not, post a comment through the regular method and let me know why you don't use typekey, if you don't mind.

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February 24, 2005

Apple + TiVo = Happy Andy.

There are some rumors of Apple buying TiVo... This is completely rumor, of course and I don't hold out much hope for it, but if it came to pass, I'd be one VERY happy camper...

There are some very good reasons why Apple & TiVo are well-suited for each other, and this entry on PVRblog lists them out much better than I could.

I might just explode with joy if my two favorite companies came together on this one. All this plus Apple's improving relationship with Sony makes for a potentially bright future.

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February 17, 2005

Courses for Spring Quarter

Finally, it looks like my schedule of courses for Spring Quarter has settled down.

I will (almost definitely, now) be teaching:

4002-320 (Introduction to Multimedia: The Internet & the Web)
Section 01 on Monday/Wednesday from 2:00pm to 3:50pm in room 70-2570

4002-425 (HCI 1: Human Factors)
Section 01 on Tuesday/Thursday from 2:00pm to 3:50pm in room 70-1455
Section 03 on Tuesday/Thursday from 10:00am to 11:50am in room 70-1435

4002-426 (HCI 2: Interface Design and Development)
Section 70 on Monday/Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:50pm in room 70-3690

Course Descriptions are linked off of the course names above.

Exciting fact: This will be my first time teaching 4002-426 (HCI 2: Interface Design & Dev.) ... which is cool. I've been wanting to pick it up and add it to the list of courses I'm able to teach.

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February 15, 2005

Me as an icon

1107916722_778en.gifSo, I found this website and tried to make an anime icon of myself. I didn't have any other reasonable options for the hair, so this is what I came up with... Can you do better? Make one for yourself and let us know how it comes out...

Update: Pauley had a good idea that I should probably tell you where the website is: Here: Portrait Illustration Maker

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February 10, 2005

My Free Offer Site Status

I am signed up for several free offer sites now... (Remember, I went for an actually got the offer at freeiPods.com). Now that I know they work, nere are the other ones that I'm signed up for and that I'm seeking referrals for (I'm very close for some of them)... If so inclined, would you consider signing up for one of these (my referral codes are in the links)? I'll post your referral link here after I have mine completed if you'd like!

Real possibilities:
(2 out of 3 referrals done)
(2 out of 4 referrals done)
(0 out of 6 referrals done) <-- Come on, you iPod owners, don't you want one of these?
(2 out of 10 referrals done)

Long shots (mostly signed up for someone else):
(0 out of 10 referrals done)
(0 out of [variable choice of reward] done) <-- lots of possible offers on this one, too.

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February 09, 2005

Hysterical Voicemail... Authenticity Unknown

Every now and then I like to browse through Snopes.com to find out what kinds of rumors and Urban Legends are floating around, and I came across this purported voicemail from a late employee leaving a message for his boss when he witnesses an accident happen right in front of him... The blow-by-blow description of what happens afterward is priceless. The clip (about 4MB in size) is available near the bottom of the page. It sounds to me like it's authentic... What do you think?

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February 08, 2005

Social Bookmarking

I feel like I've been running behind the curve of web technology and developments in the last few years so I've been recently diving in to blog-reading and experimenting with the new web developments that have been getting a lot of buzz. So this site: del.icio.us has been getting my attention recently. Granted, it's been around for quite a while... And anyone who has been on the community-based and social computing/networking scene for a while is already "so over it"... But still it's pretty amazing to me. My bookmark list is here: DC Circuit's del.icio.us I'm just starting out, so don't criticize my bookmark collection yet.

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Awesome New Maps from Google

This is great! Google makes such good stuff! Check out New Google Maps. I'm having great fun zooming in on parts of the country that I recognize. It could be fun to drag my mouse all the way across the country. I'd like to see that zoom slider be a smooth dynamic drag up & down, but first things first... :)

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February 02, 2005

This article / book excerpt really grabs at me...

This article: The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience, really strikes me. It sites many statistics that show that most of us who claim to be Evangelical Christians do not live as we say we should. At first, I wanted to be defensive and make up excuses for why these statistics were the way they were, but that's not the point... There are some Rays of Hope in the statistics... particularly toward the end of the article, but clearly something is very wrong. We, myself included, desperately need to do something about this. The message is clear, and the article does a good job of articulating it. Read it.

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