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December 23, 2004

Ouch... That's a lot of money.

Well, there's a lot of problems...

Today, they're going to give me new tires & try to lubricate my driver's side door actuator. They're also doing an oil change. (I think this is going to run around $600-700 all total). Boo.

To fix things up:
My timing belt and water pump, I'm probably going to wait on that until my Spring Break... That will require that I leave the car for the day. It's definitely something that I need to do, though.

The door, to really fix it is going to cost around $400, but wow... And then when the winter's over it won't matter much any more... Am I willing to pay $400 to avoid having to climb over my passenger seat now and then? Phew... tough call. For now, they're going to try to lubricate it and see if that helps.

Stalling is a valve that needs cleaned or replaced. It's a cold-weather idle valve... That is not working properly... They've had luck with cleaning them (which will cost around $140) Or it could be replaced for around $250.

It's a lot of money. I don't exactly have it to waste, though... I could probably save money by going somewhere other than the dealership, but I feel comfortable here. It'll be good to have new tires, though... My left front tire was losing air and I had to refill it about once a week.

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My poor car...

Here I sit in the Complimentary Internet Access area of my car dealership waiting to hear the verdict on my car... I have lots of problems... Here's the list:

  • Timing Belt need replaced (so I found out when I had my car in for the deer incident).
  • Water Pump needs it, too.
  • I need new tires.
  • My driver-side door freezes shut and the lock mechanism won't work... It makes me crawl in through the passenger side.
  • My car stalls when I start it up sometimes, but I can usually make it run for a while with the gas pedal, and then it stop stalling... but it shouldn't do this.
  • I need an oil change, too.

So, now I wait to find out what happens next.

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December 10, 2004

That was fast, too..

For the record, it too UNDER 2 WEEKS for me to get my iPod from the moment that I first realized that I met the requirements and submitted my account for approval to the moment I had the iPod in my hands. I have absolutely no complaints about the service.

Maybe I should try writing a blog entry about something OTHER than my obsession with incentive sites.

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It's here!


This picture says it all.

Next for me: FreePhotoiPods.com & DS4Free.com (Free Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) handheld)

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December 08, 2004


Holy cow! This thing could get here tomorrow??

I had a tracking number with no indicator of which shipper was transporting it, but I tried a few different ones and figured out that it's coming through DHL!

Here's the tracking page with some of my own notes on it...

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Now, it says Shipped! (See previous entry). -- But no tracking number, unfortunately.

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December 05, 2004

Free Ipods Update

My FreeIpods.com account now says "Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product". Looking Good! My friend Nate (who I signed up under) already received his free iPod (he told me earlier today)...

Believe it or not, this thing is really real, and soon I'll have the ulimate proof to help encourage people to sign up on my freePhotoIpods.com account, right? Notice how I cleverly snuck in the gratuitous link again! :) It can be done!

What's next? Maybe this free Nintendo DS? With only 4 referrals, it should be a snap!

Sorry, it's a disease.

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Busy weekend.

Had a good & busy weekend. Saw a movie ("Closer" -- ok, earns it's R rating, can't personally recommend it, it's certainly shocking. Not your typical Julia Roberts movie!) on Friday with Lori and then went together to two Christmas parties on Saturday... One at Crossbridge, one at Mr. Perinton's (estimated over 100 people on the first floor of medium-large house all at one time... wow.). Helped the wife of a soldier who goes to our church prepare for his homecoming by helping (with small group) to clean back-yard, car, garage... Now I'm preparing for Monday Morning 8am class... Not much time to write anything else.

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December 01, 2004

Here's a thought.

I wonder. So, I'm going to be getting a free iPod from freeiPods.com... I'm excited about that, and I'm assuming, of course, that it will work, and I'll have a new iPod in something like 4 to 6 weeks.

But, as I mentioned in the previous post, I have also just signed up at freePhotoiPods.com [contains my referral link] which (once I get my first iPod) I will also have complete confidence and trust in to send me a Photo iPod if I meet the requirements.

I was thinking that I might give my (lovingly used, of course) 20 GB iPod that I get from the first web site to one of the 10 people that sign up and complete an offer on the freePhotoiPods.com web site. What this would do is it would give those 10 people an incentive to sign up beyond just the fact that they can earn their own iPod by inviting others. I suppose that many of those folks will not make it all the way to 10 other referrals (but at least, this would give them a chance of getting an iPod).

I have NOT decided to do this, but I'd consider it if it didn't break the Terms of Service of the freePhotoiPods.com site -- and I'm not sure if it does or not. And I'd also need to find a way to pick a random winner from among those 10 people. But I do have some ideas... For example, I could assign each one of them a number from 1 to 10 and then watch the lottery results from one of the state lotteries starting on a certain day, and the first time that only one of the numbers from 1 to 10 appears by itself in the list of winning numbers, that person would be the winner. Can someone think of another method that would be complete based on random selection that didn't put me at risk of being accused of fixing the draw?

Do you think it's a good idea? Would you sign up if I said that I'd do that? Of course you'd have to trust me, but I'm not a hard guy to track down and find, either... Maybe I'd have to post some references as to my trustworthiness? Wow! How does one do that?

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