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January 30, 2007

Verizon, our days are numbered...

My cellphone company turned down a deal with Apple. Great. Genius.


I'm on my way out with these guys.

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January 08, 2007

MacWorld guesses

These are complete guesses, but here's what I'm hoping for/expecting at the MacWorld Expo tomorrow:

1. New iPods with wide-screen display. Possibly Touch-screen interface... possibly not.
2. iTV is complete and ready to ship... and has some TiVo-like functionality, but not as advanced as TiVo.
3. A huge screen to go with the iTV in some way... Possibly with an integrated iTV (you could buy either the integrated version or the stand-alone version).
4. Other large computer display screens with integrated iSight cameras
5. The new Apple "Phone". aka iPhone Which will have additional features beyond just an iPod plus a Phone... The key component being the "Sync" element. The Phone part might be less than a typical "Cell phone".
6. A "Tablet Mac" from Other World Computing that is more than just a "hack" of an existing laptop... Apple somehow-helped OWC to create the product.
7. At least 3 major studios now selling movies on the iTunes Store.
8. Other updates to the iLife suite. Apparently with a spreadsheet app so who needs office anymore, anyways?

What I'm not expecting:
1. Leopard to be ready. (although some new features may be announced -- particularly something to do with the integration of voice through iChat).
2. Any new astoundingly new desktop systems or laptop systems except possibly speed bumps for them. (and the aforementioned tablet-mac)
3. Any formal relationship between Apple and TiVo (unfortunately)...
4. Any special inclusion of Windows interoperablity beyond what "bootcamp" and Parallels are providing.
5. The iWork suite to be included on new Macs.
6. Any radical changes to iPhoto, iDVD, or iMovie. I'm leaving iWeb out of that list in "hopes".
7. Anything at all to be said about the stock "backdating" stuff during the keynote.

Let's see how close I get.
I'm not expecting "very".


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