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December 12, 2006

An old Mac Control Panel that I wish I could have back...

There was an old Mac Control Panel years ago called "MacUser's Redo-it" written by Mike Throckmorton. And it worked on Mac Classic. I desperately wish that there was a Mac OS X version of this little tool available. Maybe there is, but I just don't know where/how to find it... Any ideas?

Here's "sort of" a description of it... "Redo-it: When it's not worth a macro, but you could use a bit of help automating your life, throw MacUser's Redo-it in your Control Panels folder and your Mac will be set to play back everything you do. Did you just hit copy-paste-return? Smack Redo-it's Hot Key and you've done it again. There's no need to learn any scripting or memorize incomprehensible macro commands. Install Redo-it and you're ready to repeat key strokes or menu commands."

It's worth noting that the whole program was basically two hot-keys... One to tell it start recording and one to tell it to repeat again whatever had just been done since you hit the start recording keystroke.

For example, if I'm editing a text file and I need to do a jump to end of line, Jump two words in, delete that word and then go down two lines and repeat over and over again.

I could do the following
[start recording]
[repeat those keystrokes]
(and keep hitting that "repeat" keystroke until I was done with the document).

Do people see what I mean?
"Search and replace" don't do this kind of thing.
And I had always found tons of uses for it... And I know I'd find them again... if only I could find the same functionality again...

Any help?

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