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July 28, 2005

Things that would be nice to fix on the game for tomorrow

Notes from the white board...

(the Myst Master game for these two weeks are almost done).

boots/wires comment
zombies head, finish bluing
bribe money, early grab "bloking"
Re-work McD's Zombie interaction
prevent early taking of money/key in cop station.
bomb assembly location
costume assembly location
voice on Billy's ending
check penguin

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July 23, 2005

Back home, again.

So we made it! That was an experience. The store lights were off, and there was all this clapping and cheering going on inside and they turned on the lights, cranked up some music, and opened up the doors... It was rather ritualistic they way they all came up and opened up the doors... Then all of the employees there, probably about 20-30 of them lined up on both sides of the entry-way sorta making a path of people clapping and high-fives down the row! And then you were in!

Very nice store... Looks much like the others from what I've heard. Nice crowd of people that they were managing very well. Lots of people to help... Went to the Genius bar to ask a question... Didn't quite get much of an answer right away, and no real new info... But I think I might bring it into the store to have it checked out sometime.

Got the T-Shirt... It has an Apple Logo and the word Eastview to the right of it. "Designed by Apple in Cupertino" on the back in tiny letters. Didn't buy anything, but definitely reminded myself that I want to get a few things pretty soon.

It was fun, though. Definitely worth going!

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Last post before opening.

A few minutes ago a whole herd of green shirts (probably about 20) came out and said 'Hi' to the line... which is now 150-200. Nate Swart is here (Hi, Nate!), back around 150. They went back into the store and turned the lights out, I guess they're getting ready to blast the music & jump out and say "Surprise!"...

The atmosphere is very chatty and noisy... other people that work at the mall are coming by and acting dumb-founded at the size of the crowd.

Getting excited about heading in. I'll debrief everyone when life goes back to normal... :)

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Bigger Crowd, and 10 verified 'Green Shirts'

07-23-05_0905.jpgWe now have about 80 or 90 in line now... It's hard to tell from here due to the corner in the mall... The store itself is getting much more active. Here's another picture of the line...

The employees are all putting on their wireless headsets...

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8:50am update

There are now about 40-45 people in line. The mall music was just playing some John Mayer (appropriate). I just went outside and got a couple of lawn chairs... The cleaning crew came out and wiped off the windows and the "metallic" exterior of the store...

About 6 people are wandering around inside the store. 3 of them wearing green "Student union." promo shirts... There's an iPod hooked to pretty much every computer in the store... 2 whole tables devoted to iPod...

And a big LOONG Genius Bar with about 12 stools at it.

Uh oh...Tragic Starbucks coffee spill in line right behind us... Very sad. Mall maintenance!

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1st Person (in line) Perspective

1stpersonpersp.jpgThis picture was taken by Matt (from his perspective at the front of the line!)... There are now about 15 people in line... So, don't be fooled. This place is jumpin' (okay... not so much). The guy right behind us is Steve from Rochester, and then there's a group of folks from Greece, NY and beyond that, I have no idea.

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Hello, Apple Store! I'm Here!

airport.jpgZach & I are 2nd and 3rd in line at the Grand Opening of the Apple Store here in Victor, NY (Eastview Mall)... First guy in line is from Waverly, NY and is named Matt. Nice guy. Pictures to come later (when we get his cameraphone to work or Lori get's here with her cameraphone (and donuts!) )... We're using the store's open wireless network: See?

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July 21, 2005

Should I be a Podcaster?

Probably not, but here is an mp3 file of me talking about myself and some of the things I'm interested in... Maybe I'll make it more like a podcast, but for now... just trying things out.

andy-2005-07-21.mp3 (7.5 MB) -- I better compress that more next time.

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July 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mike!

head4.jpgHappy Birthday, Mike! Thanks for being in my wedding! Hope you've had a great day! I didn't have the time to dredge up any old pictures yet, but here's a little piccy from his web site!

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July 11, 2005

Rough Schedule for week 2:

Here is rough schedule for the rest of the week:

Monday, Morning: Finish Backgrounds, Write Voice Scripts
Monday, Afternoon: Make area navigable, Record Voice?
Monday, Evening: Link all of the worlds together.

Tuesday, Morning: Do Audio Editing, Use Headphones, Finish Creating objects, Know full plan for area.
Tuesday, Afternoon: Do Animation Work, Make More Objects
Tuesday, Evening: Make 1/2 of game work.

Wednesday, Morning: Finish remaining required stuff, Done? Help with NYC/Wegmans
Wednesday, Afternoon: Animate Story Sequence & Ending Sequence
Wednesday, Evening: Make other 1/2 of game work.

Thursday, Morning: Do Testing & Last Minute Stuff
Thursday, Afternoon: Finish Credits Pages
Thursday, Evening: Do Final Touch-ups & Intergrate final game. Make self-contained.

Friday, Play Games.

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July 06, 2005

The Plot Thickens...

More notes and ideas for the 2005 Kids on Campus MystMASTER game:

Beginning Setting is Hollywood. You are the director. Trying to make an excellent Time-Travel / Superhero movie... Something like the Fantastic Four... Currently, the characters would be the following from the indicated times:

From a Jungle/Stone Age time: Fred Flintstone (motivated by food/meet/fruity-pebbles)
From a Old West time: Billy the Kid (motivated by money/sacks of gold)
From a Medival/Fantasy time: Merlin the Magician (motivated by magic crystals/magic wand)
From a Future/Space Colony time: Lost in Space/Marvin robot (motivated by ?? oil?)

Volunteers for areas so far: Eric, Future; Zach, Castle; Jon, Old West...

Possibility of including Wegman's as a location for obtaining Fruity Pebbles...

NYC may be the setting for the movie production.

Idea from Andy: You, as the movie director might have gone into the future to see the reviews of your movie before you made it, and since it got terrible reviews in the future, you want to make it better in the current time by getting more realistic/authentic actors... You have a picture of the movie poster with terrible reviews next to it, as you get the characters to come be in your movie, the reviews improve and the movie poster changes to reflect who you've convinced/captured so far.

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July 05, 2005

Kids on Campus MystMASTER Game ideas.

These are some of the "Setting" ideas that the kids this year are coming up with for our first MystMaker/Master game of 2005...

Old West - horse riding
Early 1900's
New York City
Far Future
Space - colony
Stone Ages
Polar Ice Caps - global warming

Basic idea: This could be a game about a director trying to make a movie about time-traveling, but he wants to find very convincing actors to be in his movie... He uses his real (secret) time machine to go capture/persuade the actors to be in his movie... You could be the director. As you find the actors, a "future" movie poster in your backpack will fill in with the characters faces.

This is only a starting point... more to come.

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