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May 29, 2005

My First Comic


This may only work for a little while.

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May 19, 2005

Lots of Grading to do.

The Wedding went great! As someone said to me shortly afterward... it came off WITH a hitch. [cute]

I'd like to slow down now, but I still have to get my grading done. I've got stacks here on my desk that I need to go through and that will be quite a bit of work over the next few days and the upcoming weekend.

We'll have some pictures to share pretty soon of the wedding and all of it's festivities. There are some albums around on the net at the moment... But I'm going to refrain from linking to them at the moment until we have our own set of pictures to show as the "official" set, and then I'll share the locations of some of the other bunches that have been posted.

Meanwhile, my RAV4 is in for quite a few much-needed repairs and altogether it will be around $800... I was going to pick it up tonight, but I will be going to Star Wars Episode III at 4:30pm and so it will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is Commencement at RIT (which reminds me, I have to go grab my Faculty Cap and Gown very soon) and that will take up much of my day from around 1pm to around 8:30pm. Which takes care of everything in just one day (!) which is a little unusual... And that does leave my Saturday open! ... for more grading. *Sigh*

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May 14, 2005

6 hours to go.

This is the day. (I woke up an hour earlier than I needed to). My new life begins soon. We have quite a party planned for tonight. Here's hoping that everything goes wonderfully. I do feel a little bit un-nerved at the moment. Not that I fear the marriage... far from it... My discomfort is more about the day... Did we remember to take care of everything that we were supposed to? I think we figured out most of the details. I know that I'm supposed to stop worrying about everything right now and let everyone else take care of it. This isn't my mindset. I am always the detail person. I will think about the schedule & wonder if the details are taken care of for not. I do this everywhere... like at CCC meetings, etc.

But today I will try very hard to forget about the commotion and pay attention to what happens around us. (It might be happening already because my clock seems to be moving slowly). Lori is my main focus, today. She is about to become part of me. Together we will become one before God and before witnesses... people that we love and cherish.

Lord, I pray that you'll be in and through today. That you'll inhabit our marriage, and that we will be the couple that you want us to be. I pray that I will be an excellent husband and step-father. Thank you for Lori & Zach. Thank you for our friends & family who will be here with us today. Thank you for loving us and for sending your son for us. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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May 10, 2005

Less than 100 hours to go!

Well, This might be my last blog post as a single man.

I am really looking forward to my life ahead with Lori. I realize that I am incredibly blessed to be with her. Lori, if you see this before the wedding, I love you tremendously... I want to be yours forever!

It has been interesting as the date has approached. I now understand why people prepare for their wedding a year in advance. But I can't say that I recommend waiting so long... I'm certainly glad that we aren't waiting any longer than this. But it has been a little taxing. Lori's time has been stretched incomprehensibly while I've had to continue dedicating a lot of time at RIT to a quarter that has had my heaviest teaching load in about 5 years! But it looks like everything will come together. We've been learning new things about how we both uniquely think and communicate.

I have the unfortunate tendency to think outloud and process a lot of details before making a decision, while Lori has a tendency to see a big-picture solution quickly while having to wait for me to finish processing it bit by bit before ultimately coming to a similar, if not the same conclusion. (This, interestingly enough, is exactly the opposite of the way that we eat food!). Lori more often sees a forest, and I more often see trees. Together, we will learn how to grow stronger as a couple. It is these differences that I believe will make us strong... Because we are committed to working around them and learning how to make the most of it, as opposed to getting irritated and dropping the subject because we feel frustrated.

Well... That's it for this posting. Thank you to everyone who has offered their good wishes, their prayers, their support, their advice, their assistance, and their love! We greatly appreciate it and pretty soon, maybe there will some new content at the venerable wheeland.com :)


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May 02, 2005

20Q vs. Magic 8-Ball

So, I have one of these 20Q toys that asks you questions and tries to guess what you're thinking... Basically a big neural network of knowledge... Artificial intelligence. But packaged as a toy. It's pretty amazing and does a good job of guessing what you're thinking a lot of the time. Definitely worth getting and playing with... You can play it (or something like it) online, if you want.

But it dawned on me that another form of artificial intelligence has been around for quite a while and hasn't really gotten much of a chance to speak it's mind... so I thought I'd give our Magic 8-Ball an opportunity to express itself, so I used the 20Q to ask questions to the 8-Ball, and in the end... what was the 8-Ball thinking about? Blue Jeans... That's right... the 8-Ball wishes it had legs, and not only that when played again, it was thinking of Monopoly... It probably met Monopoly in the toy store before it had been purchased and wished it could go back and meet it's old friend.

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