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October 04, 2004

D'oh a deer!

Last Sunday Night (about a week ago) I hit a deer as I was driving home from visiting Lori (or rather, a deer hit me as I was cruising along at a fairly low speed). In the age-old battle between RAV4 & psychotic beast, the RAV4 emerged the clear winner, but not without taking its cuts and bruises... the other side of the battle, sadly, should now be referred to as the "deer-ly departed". Anyway, the repair will cost Geico about $2500, and me my $500 deductable. But Geico has been very good to me so far...

While I'm waiting for the numerous repairs to be done (hood, headlight, condenser, radiator, bumper, turn signal, etc), I've been given a Ford Focus as a rental. I'm not terribly fond of it (especially because the CD player isn't working), but the thing that I find strangest is a decal on the window that claims that the car is a "PZEV" or "Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle"... But then again, isn't EVERYTHING at least PARTIAL zero emissions? I mean, unless the vehicle is spewing solid waste, it's partially zero emissions, right?

Anyway, I hope to have my RAV4 back on Thursday or so.

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