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August 31, 2004

Who is that masked... um... person?

mask_strip.jpgHad a little fun during a rainy break from hiking at Stony Brook Park on Saturday. Lori's cell phone has a feature that lets you put "fun frames" around a low quality picture... In some cases, on the picture. So here we are (some of us). Top to bottom: Me, Lori, Zach (Lori's Son), Gary (Lori's Dad), Scott (Lori's Brother), and Madeline (our friends Nate & Julia's baby).

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August 25, 2004

Picture time!

Went to lunch a bit ago with Lori, and felt like it was time to buddy up to the turtle. Tully's Tenders are my top choice for chicken tenders!

For the time being, you can all see a picture of Lori and I together at Scott & Tracey's website, but this link (as the URL implies) is only temporary. This was us on the Capax Dei Church Camping Trip this past weekend. Warning: we have our 'camping hairstyles' on, too.

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August 24, 2004

A free iPod?

Well, they say it's possible. I've signed up for someone else (good luck Nate)... anyone want to sign up for me?

Get a Free iPod (this link has my referral number in it).

Here's an article at Wired, explaining that it's not a scam. I'm willing to try it out... are you?

That BMG deal isn't all that bad... I used to be a member several years ago, and once they put you on the automatic-send (if you don't check the box) deal, I was able to get it changed by simply saying "please put me on a non-automatic send list".

Update: I just ordered my CDs... the shipping/handling total of the first 7 "free" CDs is about $20 (I forgot to write down the exact amount)... which is about $3 a CD... Not bad. The next is at regular club price (around $15 + s/h)... then I get 4 more at the earlier deal... How can you not do this? :) Well... Their selection is pretty limited, and I can understand not wanting to sign up for something that you have to keep tabs on, but at least these guys are going to keep reminding you regularly that you're signed up... :)

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August 10, 2004

Catching up on my world...

Well, just a little update on what has been going on in my life recently. It's currently a little under 4 weeks from the beginning of a brand-new fall quarter at RIT. As you may recall, I'm teaching full-time again on campus... Four sections of the same course (Introduction to Multimedia: the Internet & the Web) this first quarter. I'm glad to be back full-time... The previous year was pretty difficult and I have quite a bit of debt that I'm going to need to pay off in these first few months of having solid income again.

I'm getting an early start on my course preparation this time. More so than in the past because I really have to be well-planned in order to manage 4 sections of the same course simultaneously. I can't ad-lib as much as I usually would because I'll forget if I have covered something in one of the other sections or not. But I think my planning will really help things out.

Lori & I are doing well and I've gotten to see her a lot over the summer so far... It's been really nice to be able to just spend time at her home with her and her son... Just doing real-life together... Preparing dinner, putting her son to bed, going grocery shopping, etc. We've been able to "go out" a few times to a movie and/or a restaurant with friends, etc. Each Sunday I go to her church in the morning & participate in the small group that she leads... Then we hang out for a bit (maybe do a bike ride) and then go to my church (or its activity) in the evening. She comes to games (with her son) on Wednesdays as she can, and I've been getting to know her brother and the rest of her family. All is well.

Campus Crusade at RIT is about to get rolling in earnest for the new year. Hopefully we'll have all of the student leaders that we were expecting back in place soon, and we'll be able to launch a really exciting new year. The Fall Retreat looks like it will be a really great event, too.

Life in my apartment is going well (although I haven't been spending as much time around it as I used to... visiting Lori as often as I do) but we have renewed our lease for another 9 months so that it will expire at the end of next May (which makes sense for a variety of reasons... but mostly because it's a convenient stopping time for college students).

Let's see, what else is there... hmmm. I guess that's all of the important areas at the moment. I'm continuing to try to get organized and prepared for the future while throwing out some junk... Trying, in a way, to simplify my world. Hope everyone is doing well out there, I'll be trying to post a bit more often over the next month or so... Hope you're having a great summer... God Bless.

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August 06, 2004

Kids On Campus games are on-line

So, if you want to know what I was working on for much of July, you can go play the two new Kids on Campus "MystMaker" games here on my site. The first, "The Field Trip" is a little more complete than the second, "Medieval Elements", but they both have their moments. And this is one of the first times that the games have been put up quickly in Windows format as well as the usual Mac executables. So, enjoy.

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A delightful little melody...

I've been reminising lately about the good old days with my Commodore 128, and I must say... This little ditty is one of my favorite tunes. It's the Commodore Business Machines Theme Song and it's also know as Two-Part Invention #13 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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