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July 30, 2004

Kids on Campus bug report...

This is not an interesting entry for anyone but me... Here are the bugs that need to be squashed in the final Kids on Campus MystMaker game, "The Super Duper Medieval Elements Game"... 1. You can go to the fire world too early, discovered by our Michael. 2. Near Lizzie's bldg, you can click and go to white screens, found by [Marco Fragale]. 3. Cursor problems by code on water wall -- for turning left to mountain (our Kevin). 4. Cursor on spikes wall [Chris Baldwin]. 5. Need bigger water hotspot for getting out of water again. 6. In lair, link back to Zach is wrong file... [Chris Zipeto]. 7. Cursor on cage in air level does not change [Charles Teese]. 8. Fwae code can trap you midway. (our Joe)

Final games to be posted early next week...


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July 14, 2004

Animated Sequences for Kids on Campus Game

1. Title Screen: United States of Hula? White House in Paradise?
2. Explanation by Teacher
3. Studying to Airport
4. Inside of Plane
5. Plane Takes off
6. Plane Lands
7. Shrinking sequence.
8. Onto Tooth Brush
9. Brush to Mouth
10. Elevator Moves
11. Through the Eyes "Bush-o-vision"
12. Pretzel Throw
13. Explosion Sequence
14. Jamaica / relaxing.

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July 08, 2004

Who's doing what in the Kids on Campus Game:

In School - Julian/Eric
In the Airport - Alec
In Hawaii to the whitehouse - Michelle
Whitehouse entry/hallway - Johnson & Alfred
In Bathroom - Schuyler
Toothbrush/Mouth - Zack
Brain - Aaron
Oval Office / Outside - Andrew
Asylum - Eric/Julian

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July 07, 2004

Stop-motion Lego Spider-Man

This is really pretty amazing. Requires much bandwidth, though.


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Kids on Campus Session one game premise...

Start out in school.
Learn that the Whitehouse has been moved to Hawaii.
Organize a Class Trip.
Get Lost from rest of class.
Walk through miniturizing (sp?) protective field.
Find an alien civilization in bathroom.
Save President from evil clone??
Enlarged by Security Guard shooting you with reversal ray.
Wind up in Mental Asylum... in Jamaica.

er... something like that.

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