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January 22, 2004


There are few things that make me absolutely furious, but someone coming into my comments sections and posting 70+ fake comments about various impotency and baldness drugs, etc makes me absolutely livid. (In order to remove them, I must individually visit each one of the messages in my blog system that has the comment and click on two differents spots in order to remove the comment).

What this means is that I won't be able to keep my comments feature open for use by just anyone. I will probably need to install an updated version of Movable Type (my blogging system) that will require registrations before posting comments... or at least, some easier way of seeing and deleting recent comment posts.

It may just be too easy to "take advantage" of the internet. Too many evil net dwellers.

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January 18, 2004

My world.

My world is constantly changing. It's a good thing. I used to dislike change, but right now, change is pushing me forward.

I am now officially dating/seeing/going-out-with a wonderful christian woman. What stands out most about this relationship is how comfortable it seems. I'm not trying so hard to be something I'm not. Several late-night and long discussions have made it very honest and out in the open very quickly. I think it's very healthy, and it should be an adventure.

Last night, I was at a special Game Night that was put on by my church, "Capax Dei Church - a new Rochester Church", and a lot of my friends from my regular Wednesday-night gaming group came to it. It was really wonderful to me to see people from my different 'worlds' coming together for a fun time. I'd love to see it happen even more, but even if it doesn't, it was just nice to see the cross-over and the mixing happen.

I have quite a bit to do before Monday morning... so off I go.

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January 03, 2004

A New Year

Well, here comes a new year... One that holds much mystery. Already, I sense a promise of good things to come.

I made a decision while I was at the Christmas Conference to make God my Top Priority and to be a life-long laborer for Him. My promise was that "I am will willing to serve God and my whole life will worship him". These are the kinds of things that happen when you listen to Steve Douglas (the President of Campus Crusade for Christ) speak live. He was an awesome speaker (as were the rest of the speakers during this conference) and he capped off the experience on the final night. This isn't really a new decision for me, but at this conference, it seemed so much clearer to me that this was the only option that makes sense when faced with eternity and making an impact with my life.

Some of you who read this blog might seem puzzled by this, and don't necessarily feel comfortable with Jesus & ideas of God and Faith, and I know that it's not something that people like to open up about easily, but I'm more and more convinced that God is working in my life and that I am to dedicate my life to Him. Now, this doesn't mean that I'm necessarilly going to become a pastor of a church or a televangelist or anything like that, but I do believe that my career should be related to my faith in some way. Teaching at RIT was related through my ability to be the faculty sponsor of Campus Crusade for Christ at RIT, and to interact with students... occasionally on spiritual levels... but all while doing the job of teaching Information Technology. And while I like this, and I'd be willing to continue to do so, the signs are overwhelmingly pointing to the end of my teaching days at RIT.

There are other options that make some sense for my life, including continuing to teach. I could also see myself doing multimedia and web development full-time. But it would be nice if it were focused on God in some way. Another thing that I decided I would do this year (if they welcome me to it, and it sounds like they will) is to go to the Preview Weekend at Campus Crusade World Headquarters in Orlando, FL. At this event, I will learn what life is like at Headquarters and what kind of things I could do there in my field. I am considering full-time Christian ministry, but before I'd commit to full-time ministry I'd like to perhaps try a one-year internship at CCC headquarters. The most difficult thing about doing this for me would be to be able to raise enough support (financially) to be able to do it. I'd like to try, though... So I'll have plenty of questions about this when I go down. I have September in mind as a starting point. (Which brings up questions about my apartment and friends and so-forth... but first, I want to see if this Preview Weekend confirms my sense of calling to explore CCC staff).

Meanwhile, certain new developments have come to light on the relationships with women fore-front, which I really shan't discuss here, but God has shown me recently more than one instance of Christian women who are really wonderful and (at least in theory) available. Some of the circumstances would make a relationship difficult if not impossible, but at least one of them seems to have strong possibilities. Now, the problem is, what would happen to this situation if I were to leave for a one-year internship in Florida? God needs to sort that one out, for sure.

So, anyways. Here I am, Lord... Use Me.

Oh, I have a new "theme song" by the way: I was sung a couple of times during the conference, but it expresses my desire very well:

Over all the earth, you reign on high.
Every mountain stream, every sunset sky
But my one request, Lord my only aim
Is that you reign in me again.

Lord reign in me, reign in you're power
Over all my dreams in my darkest hour
You are the Lord over all I am
So won't you reign in me again

Vs 2
Over every thought, over every word
May my life reflect the beauty of my Lord
'Cause you mean more to me than any earthly thing
So won't you reign in me again

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