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December 28, 2003


Posting from Cell Phone!

All is well. We made it at 5:10. Just missing registration by that much. But we did late registration with no problems.

They listed all the states that attended but didn't include New York :( oh well.

Shelby IS the emcee!

Rick James talked about Spongebob.

The John Reilly band is mega-talented. I bought a CD.

The "Deluxe Diner" on 23rd St. Is not only 24 hrs. But quite good, foodwise.

Saw some people playing Settlers of Catan - oddly enough.

Time to sleep. God Bless!

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December 26, 2003

One more post.

Hi! I'm about to go to the Christmas Conference! Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving bright and early. I'm reallly looking forward to it. One other student from CCC is also coming along, he's a freshman and is also excited about being able to go.

For Christmas, my family gave me some board games! Yay!

Here's the list: Carcassonne: The Castle, Trias, Alhambra (which we played), and Fish Eat Fish, plus a little tiny expansion for regular Carcassonne.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Carl, Tess, Pam, Chris, and Eli! (which was written as "M&D, C&T, P&C&E" (and which Eli pronounced as "Mad Cat") on the tag)...

I'll be back in town on New Year's Eve, hopefully. I expect to have dinner at Keb & Steve's and drive to another party (with Capax Dei-type folks) for the rest of the evening and the countdown... :)

Then I go home and collapse from exhaustion.

Classes start again (week 4!) on January 5th.

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December 22, 2003

Last entry of the year?

Well, here it is... A few days before Christmas. I have about a quarter of my shopping done. Tomorrow, I think I'll be going to one of the local shopping Mecca's (Eastview Mall) to try to complete my shopping spree. I have a feeling that I might be giving a few more gift certificates this year than in the past. I also did some shopping on Saturday and some Today (Sunday -- it still feels like Sunday night to me) but didn't feel terribly inspired. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

During the day on Tuesday, I'll be packing to go home for a couple of days to central PA for Christmas with the family. Since the bulk of celebrations and family time will actually be happening on the day before Christmas for me this year, I'll be going home on Tuesday evening. This is slightly weird for me... Usually there are get-togethers on Christmas Eve, but the gifts aren't exchanged until Christmas Day. Personally, I don't mind. I also hope to go see the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with my parents on Christmas Eve (between celebrations) or Christmas Day, itself.

I'll either come back to Rochester on Christmas evening or Friday afternoon. Then I'll re-pack and get ready to leave for Washington, DC. Myself and two other guys (maybe 3) from RIT will be going to the Campus Crusade for Christ Mid-Atlantic Christmas Conference. Which will start on Saturday evening (the 27th) and go until early Tuesday morning (the 31st).

Then comes the drive back up to Rochester, arriving in time, hopefully to join some of my friends from Capax Dei for a New Years Eve gathering.

Overall, it will be a busy few days. When I haven't been shopping the last few days, I've been doing a little bit of cleaning up and organizing, as well as reading some books that I got from the Christian Bookstore about being a Man of God. These have prompted a few new resolutions in my life (again).

Since it will be so busy between now and the beginning of the New Year, this may be my last post of the year. I think it's interesting to look back over my year's posting frequency:

January: 45 -- Getting Started, trying to post once or more daily.
Feburary: 19 -- Got busier in the quarter. Decided not to pursue daily posting.
March: 27 -- Had a lot of posts early on during final grading.
April: 8 -- Less motivated.
May: 22 -- End of the Quarter arrived giving me more time toward end.
June: 17 -- A flurry of postes here and there.
July: 12 -- Mostly Kids on Campus related posts.
August: 18 -- Struggling to get ready for new academic year.
September: 3 -- What Blog?
October: 3 -- I have a Blog?
November: 2 -- Oh, I guess I do have a Blog.
December 3 (including this one) -- Maybe I should start posting to it again.

My plan is to re-launch my blog to some degree after the start of the new year. At least post more than 3 times a month, anyway.

Well, it's all I have for the moment... Maybe I'll post a time or two more before the end of the year, but I'll certainly be back on January 1st if not.

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December 11, 2003

True to my name.

Brokenly Andy,
Chaotically Andy,
Choppily Andy,
Eccentrically Andy,
Erratically Andy,
Every-which-way Andy,
Haphazardly Andy,
Higgledy-piggledy Andy,
Indiscriminately Andy,
Intermittently Andy,
Jerkily Andy,
Lurchingly Andy,
Raggedly Andy,
Randomly Andy,
Spasmodically Andy,
Sporadically Andy,
Unpredictably Andy,
Unrhythmically Andy,
Variably Andy,
Whimsically Andy,
Wobblingly Andy.

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get your Adverbs here.

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Happy December

It is now December... When I don't post anything for a while and it becomes the next month, my blog gives me this big blank screen. So this is a post to let you know that I haven't posted anything in a while. But you already knew that... What I have posted in the past can be accessed on the links to the left.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything worthwhile here for a while. At the moment, I just can't seem to find the motivation. I do have some twists going on in my life right now... I'd appreciate the prayer for discerning God's will for my life.

I know it sounds a bit like I'm depressed or something here... I'm not. I do feel overwhelmed by the continued clutter in my life, somewhat, but I can't complain... I have it pretty good. Good God... Good friends... Good place to live, etc. Thank you to those who care about me... I appreciate your presence in my life greatly. You motivate me... Sadly, you don't motivate me quite enough to post lots and lots of blog entries though... but you probably should. :)

God Bless!

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