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June 30, 2003

End of June

Today is the last day of June. I have moved everything out of my old office... I just need to turn in the key... My old office phone number (for the moment at least, maybe longer) will not work any more.

I have had no particular problems with my RAV4! I'll be driving it to Turning Stone Casino on Tuesday to see the Weird Al concert that night. Should be great.

I don't think I'll be doing any boardgaming in Rochester this week, but I'll be doing a lot of it over the upcoming fourth of July holiday... should be great, too!

I also hope to be speaking to a prospective employer in the next day or two... I'll share more when the time is right.

Kids on Campus starts Monday, the 7th... Bright and early... I'm supposed to get there on the first day between 8:15 & 8:30... Better get used to it for a little while, anyways!

God Bless!

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Dear Jeff...

Dear Jeff,

I'm sorry that I fell out of touch with you. I'm sorry that I didn't make an effort to reconnect before it was too late. I don't know if you can forgive me. I don't quite know with certainty if I'll ever see you again, but I hope and pray (albeit perhaps, too late) that I will.

You were a good and close friend to me during those grade-school and high-school years. I always had fun sleeping-over at your house. I fondly remember typing computer games into your Commodore 64, playing Dungeons & Dragons with your brother & with Matt G. I remember playing in the stream and lighting fire-crackers. I remember riding the 4-wheeler... I remember many lunch-periods and working in the school library. I remember quite a bit... But I've forgotten a lot, too.

We even traded Christmas presents well after we'd pretty much stopped being in contact with each other. We'd missed the e-mail boom by just a little bit, so it wasn't quite normal for us to be so connected. Our lives went different ways... I'd hear bits and pieces about you and your life when I'd come home to visit... Never quite sure what was true or not. I've wondered how our lives both might have been different if we'd corresponded more.

The longer I waited to get in touch with you again, the more foolish I felt. That was so stupid of me... Now, how foolish I feel, for having missed out on ever doing that again. I don't know if I should be trying to take a "life lesson" from this... the one thing I can say is that I don't want to let my good friends slip through my fingers again.

I pray that God holds you, Jeff... And I pray for peace and comfort for your family and the other people in your life that you've touched, I know I'm only one of many...


Jeff's full obituary: posted 7/1/03.

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June 28, 2003

RAV4 Pictures

These two pictures are of my new (to me) 1997 RAV4.

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June 27, 2003

I have my "new" RAV4!

I have my new "RAV4"... I have also learned that RAV4 stands for: "Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive". Oddly enough, they make a 2-wheel drive RAV4. Mine is 4WD, though...

I will have a picture soon... Probably tomorrow. I had to go do some office moving tonight so I didn't have time to grab a picture before it got dark outside. Mine looks quite a bit like this one (add tinted windows, remove attractive young woman)...

It is kind of sad to be without my big yellow Xterra, now (picture from CCC Fall Retreat 2000), . I will miss it. It took me a little while when I walked outside of my building tonight to remember that I wasn't looking for a yellow truck, but rather a smaller green vehicle... It will be a little harder to find in a parking lot, but for the most part, I tend to remember where I parked. I will still play with the Yellow pieces in boardgames, though... :)

As far as moving my office goes, I have a couple of days worth of moving to do still... I hope to finish moving on Saturday sometime.

Hopefully tomorrow night I'll be going to see Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. I've been looking forward to it for quite a while now. I also saw The Hulk on Monday night. I liked it, but it starts out slow and takes a long time to get past the back-story. But that can also be a good thing for some folks who aren't into Action/Monster movies... Overall, I liked it quite a bit and would surely go see a sequel if one came out.

Looking forward to Tuesday night. It will be the first day of my July 4th holiday vacation which I usually spend at with my long-time friends at their cabin on Owasco Lake. On Tuesday, though, I'll actually be going to see "Weird Al" Yankovic in concert! Should be great! The following day we arrive at the lake and stay 'til Sunday, the 6th.

Monday the 7th will start the Kids on Campus program for 4 weeks.


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June 25, 2003

Well, It's pretty much official...

I will be buying a used 1997 Toyota RAV4 and should have it tomorrow evening. It's Dark Green and is a 4-door standard 4WD with pretty much all of the electronic goodies one would hope for (AC, cruise, power everything, sunroof [my first ever!], CD/Cassette, alarm system). Seems to run well and I hope it will continue to do so for about 48 months of payments.

Off to Games@Six...

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Okay... well beyond 2:30am, but so it goes. I've been spending time cleaning off my desk in my bedroom instead of getting downstairs and taking care of my other boxes, etc. Heading down now and shutting off the TV.

Just made a little late-night food and emptied the dishwasher... I can certainly make myself busy, huh. This may actually be my last post for the evening... usually go to bed when the birds start chirping in the morning... It'll probably start soon.

Good night.

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Ugh. Got distracted. But I finished unpacking the suitcase. Back to work downstairs... I think we've hit target temperature and I also have a strategically placed fan in my bedroom now, too.

So, I'm thinking about a used Toyota RAV4... 1997. It's 4-wheel drive and has considerable cargo space and the price should be in the $8000-9000 range. There's one at a Dorschel dealership here in town. I'd like to drive it, yet... But it looks like it's in good shape and the mileage is decent (73k)... Any dire warnings?

Will post again around 2:30am

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74 degrees. Getting better. 73 is target at the moment. One bag "unpacked", working on suitcase. Three plastic supermarket-bag sized trash bags put outside of door to take to dumpster soon. Also worth noting that one "stone" is equal to 14 "pounds". Fascinating.

Also, I must note that Monster House is one of my new favorite shows. "Less makeover. More takeover." is the slogan. So far they've had 3 episodes: Race-Car house, Tropical house, & 70's house. Next is Medieval house (which I'm really looking forward to). Check it out sometime. It's on the schedule on Monday's at 8pm on the Discovery Channel, but it repeats at several other times during the week.

More around 1am.

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June 24, 2003


76 degrees. Housemate, Jeff, is back. I found a Mississippi & Maine quarter in my pocket which brings me up to date on my collection. Pretty much everything is out of my truck except a little bit, which I'll save til daylight tomorrow. Many boxes around the front entry-way working on putting them in their best locations.

Yesterday, I also bought a wireless mouse with two buttons and a scroll-wheel (this one, but not blue... it's translucent white & silver to be more iMac like). I got it mainly so I could ween myself from using Internet Explorer -- Microsoft is not going to be developing it further... (But Microsoft still 'has me', because it's one of their mice)... Internet Explorer allowed me to command-drag the contents of the main window up and down (like using the space bar in most paint programs)... And I got very used to doing that... No other browsers do that. Now with the little scroll wheel, I have an even better method of scrolling, so I can switch to something else... Safari (Apple's own web-browser) is duking it out with Camino for my favorite right now. Right now, I'm using Safari...

But... back to work. More around midnight.

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77 degrees. Too hot. Turning on air conditioner. Looking for air vents to close to make sure majority of cooling goes upstairs. Contemplating moving my computer downstairs for the rest of the summer.

Unpacking Xterra to prepare for wash and vacuum... Inspector coming Thursday afternoon. Have brought much in.

More in 30.

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June 23, 2003

My busy week...

Hello, it's Monday. I don't have much time to post. This needs to be a pretty busy week for me... I must get everything moved out of my old office and I really need to figure out what I'm going to do for a new vehicle. I'm reluctant to get rid of my Xterra (the lease is up in mid-July), but I do not know if I will be earning enough to support a monthly payment where it was previously.

My weekend was good... I had a good camping trip with my church community, Capax Dei, and despite the rain on Saturday we had a lot of fun playing boardgames in the lodge, etc.

I have lots of other things that I ought to write about and post about and put pictures up for, but I have to keep my priorities straight and at the moment, this blog needs to take a slightly lower priority than some of the other things I need to deal with.

I will try to post some more pretty soon, however.

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June 19, 2003

Be back Sunday Night...

Image callously borrowed from Reflections In Time custom woodworkers...

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June 17, 2003

Amusing News Story...

local6.com - News - Business Owner Chases, Runs Over Robbery Suspects In Hummer

This is rather amusing. I hesitate to say it's one of the reasons that I'm "pro-SUV" but, nevertheless, I tend to think it's what the 'armed suspects' deserved.

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June 13, 2003

Mid-June travels...

Well, I haven't blogged too much about the first half of June... Mostly because I'm not all that satisfied with what I've gotten around to... But the point of this entry is not actually to express that.

What's happening is that I'm heading home (about a 3.5 hr. drive) for the weekend to Pennsylvania (Williamsport/Montoursville area). Among the weekend activities: Hanging out with Mike, Birthday-day (mentioned previously) with the immediate family, The Wheeland Family reunion (last year's pictures), and Father's Day! Busy trip, really. I'll be back in town Sunday, hopefully in time for Capax Dei's last "regular" service for the summer.

Monday when I get back, there will be an important Kids on Campus meeting (which I what I'll be doing for most of July...) MystMaker is my workshop.

Anyways... I'll try to give you a more thorough update on my life when I get back after the trip.

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June 11, 2003

Really amusing.

Eric Conveys an Emotion

I found this web site today as I was surfing around... found it by way of a homestarrunner.com fan site. Apparently one of the "adventures" on the site contains pictures of the Brothers Chaps (who create Homestar Runner)... At any rate, the rest of this site is really amusing... Especially the many different emotions conveyed... They get better and more punny as you go down the list. I especially like "D'oh!" but there are far more that I haven't looked at yet. Have any favorites?

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June 09, 2003

Me, 1991... I think.

I found this old picture of me in 1991 (I think)... I'm in the process of cleaning out one of my old RIT accounts and I discovered this buried in a disused directory. I believe it was taken by my small group leader, Kenny Henke ages ago. Obviously my hair style has changed greatly. Clearly I used to have it... quite a lot of it. The loud T-shirt I'm wearing, I think that I bought on Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Florida. The backdrop is somewhere on RIT campus... It might be along Lowenthal Rd. Anyways... back to my digital housekeeping...

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June 02, 2003

Welcome to June...

Hello, welcome to June...

June will be an interesting month for me. I will be thinking about my future quite a bit this month, I believe. I also hope to do a LOT of cleaning. Cleaning computers, my office, my bedroom, my apartment, my truck, my e-mail inbox, my website, and maybe even some other areas of my life.

I do hope to play plenty of games and spend some quality time with family & friends (both old ones and brand new ones). I will have decisions to make, too.

I went to go see Finding Nemo on Friday night with my new friend from RIT, Christmas. For those curious, Christmas and I are spending some time getting to know each other... I think I'll leave it at that... Since it's her life, too... I won't presume that I should go around blogging about it. If you're curious for more details, please ask me privately.

The movie was great. Pixar can't possibly make a bad film. And the preview for their next feature "The Incredibles" looked REALLY amusing. What's also interesting is that Disney has "thrown down the gauntlet" vs. their two biggest competitors for 2004... Both Dreamworks (with the CGI film "Sharkslayer") and Fox (with the "Fantastic Four") were already planning to do their releases that weekend. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out. I found out about this, BTW, in the "Greg's Previews" sections of movies.yahoo.com. I've been following this guy's (Greg Dean Schmitz) work for quite a few years now when he used to have his own site: upcomingmovies.com. It's my favorite place to go when I want to see what movies are coming out on what weekends...

Saturday for me included some boardgaming (played "Bean Trader" for the first time), but the most important part of the day was a planning meeting for RIT Campus Crusade for Christ... 4 student leaders for next fall plus the small group of staff and volunteer-staff got a great chance to talk about upcoming plans and think about what our priorities should be.

Today, we had a Capax Dei service followed by a goodbye get-together at Andrew Randle's apartment. He's heading home tomorrow and will be going to Japan (again) in about a week. This time he's going to get out more... we hope, anyways. :)

That's about all I have for this entry.

Oh, and I threw a page tracker down in the bottom left. I'm getting curious about how many folks are reading with regularity. :)

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