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July 25, 2006

WXXI Interactive Services Director

I will start my new job as WXXI's Interactive Services Director (job description) within the next week or so. More to come on this in the near future. I will probably also be starting a new work-specific blog soon... More info will certainly be posted here when it happens. Thanks to many of you who supported me in the process through references, suggestions, and prayers. Looking forward to what will be happening next!

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July 18, 2006

Kids on Campus game ideas Session 2, Summer 2006

cross country travel

starting in boston? accountant? job outsourced to india? really down on your luck... A friend of yours wrote a comic book about you as a superhero/detective and is apparently selling it as a movie... You want to make sure that you get some money for the rights to your story... So you set off in search of your friend. (starting part: david, doug)

On a tip that your friend in in Washington DC, you travel there by hitchhiking... (mitchell's part)

You then continue to search in Virginia at a Lego-world (arie and aaron's part)...

Then to Florida (cape canaveral)... (chris's part)

Then maybe by boat to Louisiana to a sunken ship (thomas's part)

Then to a ghost town in Texas (meghan's part)

then to kyler's part (somewhere in arizona/new-mexico), then finally

you get to holly wood (chris's part), where you discover that all along the way those townsfolk that looked like famous people you met actually were actors who were leading you on your chase... all of which was pre-staged so that you (as the actual movie-star) could be filmed (secretly) along the way... At the end, you get to watch the movie (made up of the best "action clips" from throughout the rest of the game.

And of course, you get money and fame.

But you need to follow through the adventure. :)

This is the game we'll be making over the next two weeks... Last week's game is up at wheeland.com/koc

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July 06, 2006

Kids on Campus game ideas Session 1, Summer 2006

Dungeon, Castle, Toture Chamber, Peasant Town, Underworld, Graveyard, Forest, Space, Underwater

Medieval: devil/demon, magic, swords/bows, kings/queens, gnomes, sorcery, jesters, bards
Futuristic: guns/futuristic weapons, miniturization tech, shuttles/rocketry, interplanetary travel, cloning, aliens, hovercraft, robots

Possible Plot elements:
conflict between medieval & futuristic worlds
future earth become medieval?
finding ancient "modern" technology
future peasent trains in sorcery
"demon" causes medieval time
robotic conflict:

Pervading concept:
Game starts in and feels like typical medieval adventure game.
A discovery is made of "modern" technology in this world.
Passage to a "space station" is discovered.
It is found out that the world is actually a playground for the rich who want to have "adventures"... Those in the world don't know that they are actually just pawns living live in what they believe to be medieval times and that some of the people around them are just "role-playing".

Ending of game...
* space-station is "defeated" and people go on living happily in medieval times
* medival false-world is exposed and people are set free to live in modern times.
* a war of sorts breaks out between medieval people and "invading" modern soldiers.
* you are unable to convince others of the truth and you are executed.

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