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January 31, 2006

Stupid Advertising

Lori & I were walking through Kaufmann's the other day on the way to our car and we passed by an advertisment... That read "Truth. Integrity. Reinforced Stitching." It was for a brand of socks. I think maybe "Gold Toe", but it just struck us as such a hilarious attempt to affix qualities to socks besides covering your feet. If I get a chance I might go back there with a digital camera and get a good picture of it.

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January 21, 2006

My biggest (mild) obsessions...

I seem to have a natural tendency to get mildly "obsessed" with things... I thought I'd chart out a few of my current and past obsessions. (all links go to the wikipedia article about the topic)

German-Style Board Games: Currently trending upward after a long downward trend of not being able to play them much with friends. Planning to do some more of this style of gaming in the upcoming months.

Campus Crusade for Christ: Currently holding steady at a high level of interest, but it did have a surge even higher about 2 years ago when I considered going on staff.

Firefly (TV Series) & Serenity (Movie): Currently very high. Saw and enjoyed the (one season) TV series when it first came out and was sad by it's cancellation, but dropped it... But news of the Movie and finding a podcast (The Signal) about it has brought it back to the top of my interests. If you haven't seen it, you must watch it.

Apple Macintosh: Very High level of interest (this one's permanent). The only PC I've ever owned was a 286 that I bought for 1 dollar (along with a 44 dollar halogen lamp) Since then, I proudly only "compute on fruit". I'm thrilled with was has been going on recently with Mac OS, and have no intention of ever going "windows-ward".

TiVo: High, but gradually falling due to lack of time... I do have 2 of them operating in my house. Generally, though I'm rarely able to watch the stuff on them. Sigh.

Yo-yos: Currently very low interest, but I did have a pretty high interest in these at one time (in high-school) usually carrying one with me everywhere... I was able to do some tricks (and still can), but never got great at it.

Pinball: Currently low. This one has gone down quite a bit from my younger days... I still love Pinball, but there aren't as many pinball machines as there used to be. I've been blessed to have lived with two pinball games at my home in the past. (Star Trek & Jurassic Park).

We love Katamari: Currently trending upward. I'm not a fanatic, but I'm loving this video game... I only briefly tried the original game, Katamari Damacy. I really liked it, but when we got my step-son, Zach, a PS2 for Christmas, I got this one as a gift. Very addictive. Want to play more.

Blogging: Currently at a medium interest level, but trending slightly upward (as evidenced by this post). I keep getting busy and dropping it quickly... So it wavers back and forth... As least my blog is aptly named. I'm also interested in podcasting...

Podcasting: Currently at high level of interest... At the moment I'm only a podcast listener, but have considered maybe doing some... (see this past post).

Human Factors & Ergonomics: Consistently Medium level. Ever since taking and subsequently teaching this course at RIT, I've always been facinated by good and bad design of everyday objects and places. Although it's important to software and designing computer programs and websites well, I find the "stuff" around us even more interesting when it comes to design.

Wikis specifically, ROCwiki (actual site): Trending downward at the moment, but as recent as about a month ago, they were spiking. I find the concept interesting and even installed my own to try it out, but the one mentioned here, ROCwiki, I've done some editing on and have enjoyed watching it grow.

Homestar Runner (actual site): Very High... Slightly dropping. I still love this website. I haven't rushed out to buy the most recent merchandise, though, so I'm probably losing a tiny bit of interest, but I still have seen every single thing on the site.

Subarus: Gradually Dropping, but still high. My parents have (as long as I've known, with one exception of a Mercury Cougar) always owned Subarus... I've owned 3. My wife now drives one. I've had 3 non-Subarus... A VW Rabbit which was my first car in college (followed by 3 Subarus) then a Nissan Xterra (which I leased for 3 years, awesome SUV!) and now I have an older Toyota RAV4, which I don't really like but needed to settle for at the time. I'm interested in the new Subaru B9 Tribeca, but I think a Nissan Murano is still at the top of my list.

That's enough for now... If I think of more, I'll make a new post.

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January 07, 2006

Can somebody, please?

I was wondering if anyone could please complete an offer for me on this site:

http://ipodshuffles.freepay.com/?r=14063164 -- This is the same people that I got my free original iPod from. I know it works, I've verified it, myself.

I've been sitting on 2 completed referrals (plus my own already completed one) for about a year now, and I just haven't been out there trying to get anyone to finish it off for me. All I need is one more.

I was just looking recently at the offers that they have available, and there are several that are very good, there's even a site that can help you find one that is very trustable and easy to do... Drop me an email if you'd be willing to help me out and I can answer any questions you might have.


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