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April 07, 2004

I have a job for next year!

So, the big news today is that I have a job for the upcoming academic year here in my department. I will be filling what's called a "Lecturer" position for the year. Possibly longer, but for now, it's only a one-year deal. I'm glad to finally have a fairly stable plan for the near future.

It's a little bittersweet because one of my fellow departmentmates (well, technically more, but it came down to two of us because of the study area that the opening was under) was also under consideration for the position and only one of us was able to have it... this means that he's now needing to figure out what's next for him and I hope and pray that he also finds the right place to be for the upcoming year.

Meanwhile the rest of the my world continues to churn around. By far the most important new thing in my life is my girlfriend, Lori S. I met Lori several years ago at my church (or at least the church that my church became a part of for a moment in time). We became friends and although I was attracted to her, she was between or in another relationship... so I continued on with life and sought elsewhere... Until, that is, New Years eve, when I discovered (well, actually the day after, I discovered) that Lori was now no longer seeing anyone. We went out quite a few times in the first few weeks and decided that we were "officially" going out as of the evening of January 17th.

Since this time we've been talking to and/or seeing each other almost on a daily basis... (which puts a lot of mileage on the car, but it's well worth it). We're in love... It's obvious. And I couldn't be happier with the woman that I call mine. Our relationship is what I would call "on a trajectory" so I'm strapped in and ready to fly (so to speak)...

God is working on my life in a lot of ways... some of which isn't bloggable, but I'm really glad that He is persistent in seeking me out and that I have great friends and wonderful supportive community around me. Thank you everyone. Thank you for your prayers for all of the above areas.

And to God, thank you:

But I will not forget You -- are my God, my King
And with a thankful heart I -- bring my offering
And my sacrifice is -- not what You can give
But what I alone can give to You

A grateful heart I give, a thankful prayer I pray,
A wild dance I dance before You
A loud song I sing, a huge bell I ring,
A life of praise I live before You

Posted by Andrew at April 7, 2004 05:02 PM


This is great, Andy- Congrats

Posted by: Ross at April 7, 2004 07:36 PM

Wow that is awesome news dude!!! God truly does look after you. I know God will help me figure out what I want to do next. I'm unemployed YAY!!!

Posted by: Mike Swartz at April 9, 2004 10:47 AM