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October 12, 2003

Not completely abandoned.

In case anyone was wondering, I haven't decided to completely abandon my blog, but the rest of my life (since the beginning of classes in the Fall) has gotten very busy, and I just haven't been able to esablish any priority for writing in it.

There were many things on my mind back in January when I started the blog that I felt like I wanted to share and write about, but the motivation to do that has waned. Not that I have less things to say, but that I don't feel the drive to write about them for the blog as much as I used to.

I think you'll hear a higher quantity of stuff from me again at some point, so keep checking back when you think of it.

Here's a small rundown of what has happened recently in the various areas of my life.

Teaching my courses is going okay, but it's hard to remember what details I've said to which classes... I have 3 sections of the same class that meets (one section) 8am on Monday/Wednesday and then two of them meet back-to-back at 8am & 10am on Tuesday/Thursday. They're going okay. I do have a couple of excellent Teaching Assistants that have been helping me keep things together pretty well. It's interesting that the 8am and the 10am classes have distinctly different characters... People who have to get up so early just don't seem to enjoy class as much... odd.

Campus Crusade has been doing very well. We've had some excellent meetings the last few weeks... This past week was just a simple game night, but those that came seemed to have fun. The Fall Retreat was just phenomenal... a great event. Our Connection Groups are actually running and continuing well. We have, basically, 2 womens and 2 mens groups and a co-ed "new-to-the-faith" group. We'll be starting to follow the "40 Days of Purpose" campaign for the next few weeks with them. The kick-off will be Thursday night at our main meeting.

Games have been going alright. The numbers of people attending the regular Wednesday game nights has been lower than it used to be, but we see quite a variety of folks come through. Personally, I'm sensing a little bit of falling interest (within myself)... I don't think I'll ever 'dislike' games, but the obsession I had for the last couple of years is falling off a bit. That's probably healthy.

Capax Dei (my church) is going fairly well. We're re-launching as a Church Plant, and so far things seem to be going alright. I'm glad that I've been able to be a part of the RIT CCC "Church Tour 2003" the last few weeks and to really go out and check out other churches... Granted, I'd already been to all of them at least once before, but it was good to string together a couple of services in my mind... helps to establish a better over-all picture of the church. I do continue to have mornings open on Sundays to visit other churches, but this morning I did not go anywhere. Just going to the evening Capax Dei service.

Life at the apartment is going ok. I still have too much disorganized junk and never seem to get the right time or motivation to take care of it... I'm really short on space... that seems to be the biggest problem. I need a new bed, too... I think it would really improve my life to intentionally purchase a nice new bed with new sheets and new covers and new pillows and everything. I guess that will still have to wait until I know what's turns my career will take.

Work-wise, for right now, I'm continuing to teach my 3 courses til the end of November, and then in the Winter, I'm signed up for 2 courses. I have a resume in for a position at RIT's Online Learning department that I haven't yet heard back about, but as I check the listings for RIT jobs, it's still not filled, so perhaps I have yet to be contacted. If that doesn't happen, I'll move on to finding something that I could do during the winter... perhaps even a temporary "Christmas season" job that I could use to supplement my 2 courses (which will be taught on only 2 days of the week... Monday/Wednesday). The spring is the big mystery, though... I'll only be eligible to teach one course at RIT. Which will be fine if I have some other kind of a job going. We'll see, I guess.

I guess that's most of the major areas right now.

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