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August 05, 2003

First Monday of August

Yesterday started with a meeting with Susan Kurtz regarding this upcoming Friday where I'll be going to Eastview Mall to represent the Kids on Campus program for a couple of hours. I'm in the process now of contacting the other people from RIT who will be going.

I'm a little uncertain about who will be actually attending this event, but I think I'm pretty well prepared to talk to anyone about it.

Following that, I came home and did a variety of things including have lunch, do some laundry, a little cleaning up, but spent most of my time trying to move the messages from my old RIT account to the mail program on my computer. It's a much more difficult process than it should be. I'm still not done with it either, but I hope that I'm close...

One of the things that happened when I lost my accounts at RIT and they had to restore them is that they cut my account size way back from where it was supposed to be. I haven't complained about it yet, mainly because I think I'm going to be moving everything off of that location here to wheeland.com as soon as I can.

I wasn't really in a gaming mood when I went that evening to the Millennium Games night... The turnout was pretty low, but Keb, Steve, Jeff, and I made along with Justin & Lee (two of the new people that we met through the Millennium nights). We started with a quick game of Vampire by Reiner Knizia (Justin had just bought it)... It's a very simple card game which I found enjoyable... I wouldn't mind having my own copy of it at some point, though it truly has nothing to do with vampires. Just a nice artistic theme.

Got a sub from Amiel's while Steve explained the rules of Puerto Rico to the two Millennium guys who hadn't played it before... Keb rescued me from actually having to play the game (which I don't hate, but I just don't particularly enjoy playing all that often anymore) while I explored the store some more...

I spent a little time leafing through the new Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 core manuals. Sigh. When I was in high-school, I had so much free time... I could play D&D quite a bit. These days, I just can't find the time... So much other stuff I have to (or should be) doing. But it was enjoyable to look through the new rules. I haven't played since 2nd edition. I used to DM (Dungeon Master) the games with some of my friends. Never terribly hardcore, just goofy fun... I remember a few of the scenarios and special items (like the magical ring of mashed potatoes).

After wandering around for a bit, We split into two groups with one group playing Settlers of Catan and the other group played "Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond..." an amusing little card game and then we playtested 'Pyramizzle' again with 3 players which didn't go as well as the 4 player game seemed too.

We went to Friendly's afterward and tried out a new game that Jeff just bought called Pick Picknic by designer Stefan Dorra (who, it took me a little bit of time to remember, also designed Medina which we've been playing again a bit recently).

Anyway... Lots of rain came down last night, too... Sunday too. Very damp around here...

Today, I've pretty much decided that I don't want to go out at all... I want to stay in, do a lot of cleaning and re-organizing. Tomorrow, I have a morning meeting with Mark Randall & Jason Condon regarding the two ministries that I'm a part of... Capax Dei (the church, now church-plant, that I'm involved with) and Rochester Campus Crusade for Christ (the college ministry that I'm very connected with). Following that, is Games@Six in the evening... I'm not sure whether or not I'll go out for lunch or dinner at all... I might just go home again and try to get more things done around the apartment. But, hey... it's tomorrow and plans can always change.

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